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Rabbit Fencing

Rabbits are a cause of much damage and economic loss to both farmers and landowners alike. They are increasing by 2% each year, a result of the lessening effect of myxomatosis which was responsible for 99% of all rabbit deaths but now only kills about 20%.

Our rabbit fencing provides an economic and asthetic solution to this problem. We use a 19 gauge netting(1mm) which is 1200 mm high with a finished height of 40 "suspended on two 3.15 mm HT line wires, one at the top and one at ground level, with a top line of plain wire put 6" above the netting to protect the netting against deer and too give the fence a higher finished height to prevent the rabbits jumping over. The bottom 12" can be buried or turned over and pegged down allowing the vegtation to grow through like a mat. The rabbit can then not bury under. If reqired a 'turnout ' at the top of the fence can be added. Post spacings can be up to 10 metres but usually we use 6 metre spacings or less. Barbed wire can be added instead of the top plain wire as a deterrent, and can provide a useful fence for sheep or other less obtrosive stock.

Research done by the forestry commision has concluded that turning the netting over is just as effective as burying.

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Rabbit Fencing from Norfolk Stock Fencing