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Post & Rail

If its a sturdy smart horse fence you need or just a exceptionally well presented perimeter or driveway then this is where we specialise. A tried and tested favourite, highly functional, but also very pleasing on the eye. Post and rail paddock fencing comprises of sawn square section vertical posts with either two, three or four horizontal rails. All our posts are driven in providing maximum strength and longevity. Available in many different styles and formats, this type of fence-line is very attractive to look at, especially if you have undulating ground where the maximum effect is brought to the fore.

Various types of netting can be added below the rails to keep other stock in or out, such as sheep or rabbits.

Post sizes are mainly 150mmx75mm x 2.1m and the rails are 100mmx50mmx3.6m. However this can vary as to the requirements. The post and rail shown in the photo below, used a 150mmx 50mmx 5.4m rail giving a incredibly strong fence with a fantastic appearance. The diagram below shows how the rails are arranged on the posts to give maximum strength with no more than the minimum amount of joins on any one post.

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