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High Tensile Stock Netting

The benefits of high tensile fencing are the strength which it provides over mild steel with the ability to pull it tighter, leading to a higher post spacing’s, and less chance of damage by stock, vehicles or falling branches.

The usual format is two strands of 2mm Ht barbed wire topping off the stock netting with intermediate post spacing’s of 3.5 to 6m depending on application. The barbed wire can be replaced with 3.15mm plain wire if necessary or a combination of both. This is the state of the art fencing for modern agricultural applications, offering optimum strength, durability and tautness. Modern Ht netting retains its shape after animal impact thereby reducing maintenance costs down the line. Stock netting can come in a variety of heights and sizes to suit all applications.

If only cattle are to be contained then a 3 or 4 strand Ht barbed wire fence will prove sufficient. This 2mm product is an extremely versatile one suitable for a variety of applications. Barbed wire provides vital protection to a fenceline by defending it against downward compression by cattle or other heavy animals.

The top strand of wire can be offset on insulators to provide an electric ring around the top of the fenceline for horse paddocks.

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